If you have knowledge or suspicion of any crimes which might have been committed in CCPS, please contact Supervisor of CCPS School Resource Officers Corporal Glenn Libby at the Calvert County Sheriff's Office at 410-535-1600, ext. 2032, or email Cpl. Libby at Glen.Libby@calvertcountymd.gov.

Superintendent’s Budget Presentation

Calvert High School 01/23/2020 @ 7p

After citizen complaints, presentation moved back to the Central Office.

Click HERE - 2013-2016 CCPS Audit Reports, none posted since then

Click HERE - 2016 Auditor's Report, Section 2.03

Click HERE - 2017 Auditor's Report, Section 7.01

Click HERE - 2018 Auditor's Report, Section 2.03

Click HERE - 2019 Auditor's Report, Section 2.04

Click HERE - CCPS Budget calendar



"They confirmed that Taylor was removed from Calvert Country School in January 2019 based on an allegation of inappropriate contact with a student, involving instant messaging, and at the conclusion of the investigation, he was removed from that school and placed at Barstow Elementary."

George Andrew Taylor hired by CCPS

“1.0 Behavior Technician Calvert Country School 01/16/2018” from “1.0 Behavior Technician to CCS 1.0 Instructional Assistant 1 / BAES 03/01/2019”

Click HERE to read about the first cease and desist letter we have received, on which CCPS' attorney Mr. Ferrante copied the State's Attorney's Office.  We welcome any opportunity to force the exposure of abuse in CCPS.  This is one more of Superintendent Daniel D. Curry's misguided bluffs.  When will the Board finally do the right thing and get rid of him?

1-2-20 School System Attempts to Muzzle Critics (Click HERE), By Dick Myers, Calvert County Times



Calvert County

Public Schools




School Shooting Risk

Suggested Reading (Books, Websites, Articles…)

Click HERE for Help filing a Public Information Act (PIA) Request for Communication, Financial and other records, Updated 1/1/2020

Click HERE for Our Family’s Story

Click HERE for Another CCPS Family's Story

Click HERE for CCPS Policies and Procedures

Click HERE for more Documents (including CCPS financials)

Click HERE for Complaints to MD Attorney General PIA Compliance Board

Click HERE for what could the BoE have learned if they only did reasonable internet searches on Daniel Curry before they hired him

Click HERE for 2 New Principals Appointed at Southern Middle School

Click HERE for child Sexual Abuse Identification and Protection

Click HERE for MD Center for School Safety – Report an Anonymous Tip

Click HERE for Long Term Impact of Childhood Sexual Abuse

Click HERE MD Mandated Reporter Guidelines and Reporting of Child Abuse



Click HERE to learn what CCPS and MALICIOUS Superintendent Daniel D. Curry have done to former 2nd Grade Saint Leonard Elementary teacher Mrs. Hudson.  Are you a CCPS EMPLOYEE or VOLUNTEER who has been SICK or INJURED?  Were you assaulted in CCPS and don't trust CCPS to do the right thing?  Is CCPS protecting your assailant/s and doing everything they can to make you pay a price for theirs and others' INCOMPETENCE/ABUSE?  Do you fear going out on the FMLA (even on Doctor's Orders) and afraid of being terminated for "incompetence?"  Here are some papers which are good to have for those who may need to consider WORKERS COMP, INCIDENT REPORT FORMS and CCPS ASSAULT LEAVE policies.  Maryland is a RIGHT TO WORK state and malicious Superintendent Daniel D. Curry and the majority of the School Board exploit that to further betray innocent people who have been hurt by Curry and the Board's serial negligence and mismanagement.  Click HERE for forms and policies, courtesy of Jennifer Hudson, who wishes she had known about these when she was injured.  

Click HERE to read about serious concerns involving the newly advertised Student Tip Line, alarming details from the recent Auditor's Report, continued mistreatment of a highly competent, yet supposedly "incompetent" NJROTC instructor, an update on former Saint Leonard Elementary 2nd grade teacher Jennifer Hudson, a data release of several CCPS employees' personal identification and financial information, and the next pretrial conference for our MD PIA violations lawsuit.


We are asking The School Superintendents Association to remove Daniel D. Curry from consideration for National Superintendent of the Year CLICK HERE. 

CLICK HERE for their contact information.

We are asking the PSSAM to rescind Curry's Superintendent of the Year award.  CLICK HERE.


If you would like to voice your displeasure with Curry's award from the PSSAM CLICK HERE for contact information.


Daniel D. Curry's

Halloween Horror

Public School Superintendents’ Association

of Maryland names him

MD Superintendent of the Year



Click HERE for the new Mutual Elementary “Crisis Intervention System” Initiative

2016-2019 Graduation Speeches:

2019 graduation – Calvert HS | Northern HS | Patuxent HS | Huntingtown HS

2018 graduation (@2 hr. 27 min.) - YouTube

2017 graduation (@34 min.) - YouTube

2016 graduation - YouTube

“Chain of Command” speech at board meeting:


See the whole 5/23/2019 BOE meeting here - http://calvertcountyps.swagit.com/play/05232019-1424




·       12-03-2019 - CCPS ABUSE COVERUP CLICK HERE to read about a MASSIVE CCPS abuse coverup, including of pedophilia, which Daniel D. Curry, the majority of the BoE and numerous educators at Southern Middle School have been in on for over one and a half years.  It was none of our three children who were in any way groomed or otherwise sexually abused.  Will CCPS start working with law enforcement to make sure any and all potential victims are identified so they can receive the acknowledgement and help they need?  Will our daughter's abusers and those who were prepared to hurt our sons finally be held accountable?  What will financial records reveal when finally received?  Why are there still missing emails? 

·       11-25-2019 - Board of Education to hold Additional Closed-Door Meeting A screenshot of a cell phone

Description automatically generated

·       11-20-2019 - We are asking The School Superintendents Association to remove Daniel D. Curry from consideration for National Superintendent of the Year CLICK HERE.  CLICK HERE for their contact information.

·       10-23-2019 - *When we sent Sheriff Evans the letter below we were unaware he and the CCSO had already proactively assigned personnel to the 10-24-19 Board of Education meeting* Click HERE to read requests for Sheriff Evans to assign deputies to 10/24/19 BoE meeting and investigate serious concerns in CCPS.

·       10-23-2019 - Click HERE to learn about Daniel D. Curry’s recent law enforcement intimidation attempt to violate 1st Amendment rights and severe concerns regarding CCPS’ 0-3 year old programs and the 10/24/19 CCPS BoE meeting.

·       10-17-2019 - Click HERE to read about how DANGEROUS Superintendent Daniel D. Curry continues to devise new ways to invite a school shooting and about other SEVERE abuse concerns in CCPS.

·       10-17-2019 - Does CCPS pay the bills and balance the budget by taking paid sick leave from employees?  Many employees work hard to accumulate sick leave over time as a safeguard, but nonetheless may be required to work when too sick or injured.  The Calvert Education Association (CEA) negotiated policy states sick/incapacitated teachers may receive up to 70 days of donated sick leave from colleagues, but CCPS refuses paid time donations when prospective donor-employees try to give theirs to teachers in serious need, and some of them even fear retaliation if they try to help/donate.  If - contrary to policy - employees can't donate their paid leave they are SUPPOSED to receive compensation for those days upon retirement.  Where are the days/money going?

·       09-08-2019 - Click HERE for our 9-8-19 Letter to the Board asking them again to remove Superintendent Daniel D. Curry and to finally start protecting people in CCPS, including employees from compromise and abuse.

·       08-08-2019 - Click HERE to download our letter to the School Board and Superintendent Daniel Curry regarding their violation of our 1st Amendment right to speak at the 8/8/2019 School Board Meeting, which is part of an abuse coverup. CCPS BOE Full Meeting Video

·       06-24-2019 - The CCPS Board of Education conducted an unscheduled closed meeting on June 24th to discuss Superintendent Daniel Curry’s evaluation.  CCPS first advertised this meeting on 6/17/19, the same day and right after the Certificate for Discovery for our Public Information Act lawsuit was received.  Coverup, anyone? Calvert Recorder 6/17/2019 (Removed from site, why?!) - PDF | Southern Maryland Chronicle 6/18/2019 - PDF | Calvert Recorder 6/21/2019 (Reposted, why was it removed for three days?!) - PDF Our 6/17/2019 letter to BoE regarding this meeting - PDF | Our 6/18/2019 letter to BoE regarding this meeting - PDF | Our 6/21/2019 letter to BoE regarding this meeting - PDF | Our 6/22/2019 letter to BoE regarding this meeting – Was this meeting properly advertised? - PDF Screenshot 1 | Screenshot 2 | Screenshot 3 | Screenshot 4 | Screenshot 5 (6/21/19)

·       06-13-2019 - Assistant Superintendent Diane Workman, some of these teachers have a lot of stuff, some of it is big and they need help.  It might belong to them personally, but they acquired it to facilitate their jobs, and have no other need for it.  How many teachers are being moved to a new building because of retaliatory transfers, which are a HUGE problem in CCPS, and which often occur at the expense of not only teacher wellbeing, but student instruction?  How many teachers might throw out their backs or have to find a friend with a big enough car to borrow?  Wait, if they have to file a Workers Comp claim because they fall or throw out their backs, they might face MORE retaliation.  What about any teachers with physical disabilities or weakness, what about them?  It’s time for an Assistant Superintendent who cares.

·       12-04-2018 - Letter to Board of Education - PDF

·       05-17-2018 - Curry’s Notes to Board about Teacher Survey and Insurance Coverage - PDF

·       04-19-2018 - Curry’s Board Notes - PDF

·       Winter 2017 - Calvert Education Association (CEA) Teacher Survey regarding Disciplinary Issues - PDF

·       04-18-2013 - Board Approved a policy dealing with “Whistleblower” protection providing for CCPS employees to report unacceptable activities of co-workers and superiors without repercussions.  Why doesn’t CCPS abide by this policy, and why hasn’t the Board gotten rid of Daniel D. Curry, who retaliates against educators, students and families for trying to address abuse? - JPG


We have received quite a few, but not all of the records we requested, including inter and intra departmental transfer requests, general fund ledgers, approvals and vendor balance lists/similar name, etc..  Thousands of emails are missing from our communications request.  Superintendent Curry tells us they do not exist; we know and can prove that is not true.  Many of the financial records we did receive were not properly redacted and have compromising CCPS employee personal and financial information.  We will redact them before posting them online.


1-2-20 School System Attempts to Muzzle Critics (Click HERE)

By Dick Myers, Calvert County Times

10-31-19 School Board Gets Earful on Student Behavior Teachers Say Violence is Widespread

By Dick Myers, Calvert County Times

Teacher Assault is Becoming More and More Common in Our Schools – Enough is Enough

Originally posted on Facebook and reposted on www.boredteachers.com

10-17-19 Is There a Crisis in Calvert County’s Classrooms?

By Dick Myers, Calvert County Times

10-1-19 Teachers sounding the alarm over 'room clear' method

By NBC News

7-5-19 Protecting Students from Sex Abuse, ‘New laws that took effect this week in Maryland’

By David M. Higgins II, The Southern Maryland Chronicle

6-20-19 Hartwells Ask School Board for Reconsideration

By Dick Myers, Calvert County Times

6-6-19 Chief Hartwell Says He Followed Chain of Command

By Dick Myers, Calvert County Times

5-30-19 Dozens Speak Out for NJROTC Instructor

By Dick Myers, Calvert County Times

Calvert Board of Education to hold two closed door meetings

Southern Maryland Chronicle – May 29, 2019

5-30-19 Our letter to Super, BoE and Executive Staff regarding graduation personnel closed meetings

Father of Maryland special needs student says seclusion and restraint needs to stop

By Tisha Lewis, FOX 5 DC, May 31, 2019

Teacher Who Lost License in Fla. Went on to Teach in 2 Md. Districts

By Scott MacFarlane, Rick Yarborough and Jeff Piper Updated on Feb 15, 2018

Police Investigating Death of Preteen in North Beach

By SMNEWSNET.com on February 13, 2019

Building Service Worker at Northern High School Arrested for Sexual Assault of 15-Year-Old Student

By SMNEWSNET.com on March 7, 2019

CA School District Faces 'crisis' as Students Rage without Discipline

By Calley Cederlof, Visalia Times-Delta Published March 8, 2019

Teacher to Parent - Severe or continual disruptive behavior in school is a crime

By Jody Stallings Special to the Moultrie News

Jan 30, 2019 Updated Feb 20, 2019

CCPS Southern Middle School Educational Assistant Job Posting - "Unusual Demands – None;" yet,  "physical as well as psychological confrontations with aggressive students."   Applicant "Must be able to think....positively interacts with others."

Does it sound like Superintendent Daniel Curry cares about preventing shootings in Calvert County Public Schools?

12/18/17 - Calvert Recorder, Andrew Cephas - False Report of a Shooting Made at Huntingtown High - PDF

3/23/18 - Calvert Recorder, Meghan Cady - Student reportedly made threats, found with BB gun in backpack - PDF

3/23/18 - SomdNewsNet - Police in Calvert County Recover BB Gun at Calvert High School - PDF

3/26/18 - Calvert Recorder, Andrew Cephas - School board meeting spurs protest, safety debate in Calvert - PDF

3/28/18 - Calvert Recorder, Andrew Cephas - School safety dominates discussion at public safety forum - PDF

4/16/18 – Our complaint was delivered to CCPS.  We never received return receipts in the mail.  Did Daniel Curry recognize our complaint as symptomatic of other abuses? Redacted Complaint – PDF | Complaint Exhibits – PDF | Shipping Receipt - PDF

4/18/18 - Southern Middle School 4-20-18 Walkout Notice - PDF

4/19/18 - Daniel Curry Update to Board of Education - PDF

4/27/18 - Daniel Curry School Talk Blog -Dress Code and Guns - Your Thoughts - PDF

4/30/18 – Our Family’s Letter of Intent, turned in right after our daughter was set up and terrorized at SMS to force a false confession, in an attempt to hold her after school and keep us from meeting with CCPS administrators that afternoon.  Our daughter did not break and so they could not hold her after school.  We then received a phone call from a blocked number to keep us from the meeting and that didn’t work either - we also announced it was being recorded.  The shocking thing is the BoE knows this and so much more but has covered up everything. - PDF

4/30/18 - Calvert Recorder, Andrew Cephas - School board seeks to enhance code of conduct, solicits input on allowing weapons on clothing - PDF

With all the other problems in CCPS, including so much violence in the classrooms, who would invite anything that would desensitize people to symbols/representations of weapons in an educational environment, right after the shooting at Great Mills and the incident at Calvert High?  Why was that student returned to Calvert High not long after?

Why would Daniel Curry want to encourage the existence of any more stimuli for students and teachers to have to evaluate while trying to hide/flee or when contacting dispatch/loved ones? Why give law enforcement and other first responders anything else to evaluate with almost no time to think?

Why, of all times, was April 2018 the time to invite pictures of weapons in to Calvert County schools, not long after the protest in March and petition for better safety measures to be implemented by CCPS?  Do Board Members Dawn Balinski and Tracy McGuire not see the contradiction in their concern for starting to allow guns on t-shirts, while dismissing people’s suggestions for preventative safety measures?

With everything else going on in the schools, why did Daniel Curry initiate a debate about whether to start allowing kids to wear shirts with pictures of weapons because of first amendment rights, not long after he ordered CCPS middle and high school principals to disseminate his threatening letter that discouraged a walkout on the anniversary of the Columbine Shooting?  Why invite such pointless chaos and confusion? Are these manipulative tactics designed to distract from what is really happening?

In Sporting News (from 2019 Graduation Speeches):

Daniel Curry, a real man’s man,  puts “old friend” Nick Saban “on his back” 2, 3, maybe 4 times? as FOP Colts upset Idamay Black Diamonds in breakout performance! Says, “He kept coming from both ends!”


Plus, Daniel Curry, lying Superintendent, gives anonymous shout-outs to former student athletes who now teach in CCPS, including his recent second wife / former UMd swimmer/At-Risk Youth Director from the Lake Forest School District he ran in Delaware.  Can't help the hint dropping.  TOUCHING.  

So, why does Daniel Curry allow for and protect anyone who would make "suggestions and advances" (and worse) in CCPS, and against children?  Why did he and others work so hard to threaten our daughter and family, and why were none of our three kids safe in CCPS, despite how many caring educators there are?  Why is he so eager to protect the abusers, at the expense of the wellbeing of so many? 

The Calvert County Board of Education needs to start telling the truth, like we have been this entire time.  The majority of the five-member Board of Education may not have known everything, but they have been complicit in many things and have known A LOT, for a very long time.  We believe they don't want to admit their own roles, and for people to know about their selfishness, dishonesty, arrogance, negligence and inaction, which has hurt so many who attend or are employed by CCPS.  Instead, we must wait for our suits to progress.  The trial for our first suit, for violations of the Md Public Information Act, is not until September.  Then we will sue again, for what happened to our daughter, why our sons were not safe to remain in the system, and to expose myriad other abuses which impact everyone.  One must ask, why did it take twenty months before we received our first cease and desist communication, and why did it originate from Daniel D. Curry?  He has already employed different means, including threats, to try hurt our family and violate our First Amendment rights, and the cease and desist letter we recently received is only one more attempt at intimidation, because he is terrified of what our lawsuits will expose.  We hope CCPS does hurry up and sue us, because if they do it will help expose the abuse sooner than our second suit will.  Daniel D. Curry has always been able to exploit his role to intimidate people before, and he continues to try with us, all at taxpayer expense.  It won’t work.

Suggested Reading (Books, Websites, Articles…)

·       Why Meadow Died: The People and Policies That Created The Parkland Shooter and Endanger America's Students

o   September 10, 2019, by Andrew Pollack and Max Eden

o   https://smile.amazon.com/s?k=why+meadow+died+by+andrew+pollack&i=stripbooks&crid=1M89PPM6FYHF8&sprefix=why+%2Cstripbooks%2C187&ref=nb_sb_ss_i_4_4


·       Predators: Pedophiles, Rapists, And Other Sex Offenders 

o   March 30, 2004, by Anna Salter

o   https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/0465071732/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1